Weekly Teaching Schedule

Year Plan 2016/17 
Semester 1

Week1 28/09/16
. Intro to module.
. Career discussions, Research Methods for Presentation.
. Research Skills - Ali Taylor LS

Week2 05/10/16
. How to construct a Presentation (What should be in it)
. Questionnaire Design, Road Test Questionnaire (with Peers/group work)

Week3 12/10/16
. Independent research 

Week4 19/10/16
. Independent Research 
. Tutorials from 10am.

Week5 26/10/16
. Independent study/research week.
. Deadline for return of Questionnaires at the very latest!
. Construct Presentation.

Worcester Week 31st October - 4th November 
. Independent study

Week6 09/11/16
. Mock Presentations

. Tutor and Peer Feedback

Week7 16/11/16
. Independent study/research week.
. Finish making presentation.
. Homework: Rehearse Presentation.

Week8 23/11/16
Refine, polish and rehearse presentation.

Week9 30/11/16
Presentation Assessment 10 am

Week10 7/12/16
. Initial research and work on CV, BC, Website, Personal Branding, 5 year plan (SWOT Analysis).
. Christmas Homework: Work on above.

Christmas Break 12th December - 2nd Jan

Week11 4/01/16
Independent research

Week12 11/01/16
. Independent research

Semester 2
Week1 03/02/16
. Review of work in progress: 'Show and Tell" with peers.
. Mindset and 'A Brand Called You'.

Please be advised this is only a guide and the teaching schedule can be subject to change.

Room information:  Students are advised to check room details on the Live Timetable System link on the UW website Student portal. 

Should on occasion class cancellations be necessary, notifications will be made in accordance with the Class Cancellation Policy, which can be found here

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